Social Media owns its billions of people. They are larger than any government or any collection of businesses. Their power builds as your dependence grows. They do so by transferring the wealth from millions of small businesses to hundreds of obedient large businesses. Covid response has proven this. Social Media silenced a President who spoke out, and bankrupted millions of “non-essential” small businesses in favor of hundreds of “essential” obedient businesses.

Social Media companies monitor your private messages, your internet search history, and your every click. They then sell you to government and large businesses for profit. This creates a hierarchy of power by eliminating your freedom. Right now, we could eliminate their power by returning the money you are owed, today.

Everyone above you is simply stealing from you in plain sight. But because they are all in bed with each other, no one cares to defend you. Those stealing from you, are also in charge of protecting you. That ends today. You do not need them. You had done fine before them, and will do even better after them. Attend our meeting tonight.