Terms & Conditions

  1. The goal of RHINØ CØIN is to capture the value of the bottom 99% who share only 1% of the global net-worth.

    1. We seek to accomplish this goal by pioneering the World’s first Distributive Marketing Platform.

    2. We define Distributive Marketing as a form of marketing by which Rhino will distribute everything to everyone; much like Robin Hood.

    3. The Rhino Platform seeks to offer only generally relevant, high value service offerings, for free.

    4. The Rhino Platform seeks to distribute RHINØ CØIN to its members on a monthly basis.

    5. The Rhino Platform seeks to grow third party businesses via direct support of Rhino members who seek to be entrepreneurs.

    6. The Rhino Platforms seeks to keep those businesses loyal to the Rhino Platform.

    7. By those businesses being loyal to the Rhino Platform, their future commerce will directly support the value of RHINØ CØIN.

    8. By those businesses and all the members collectively owning RHINØ CØIN, we believe we effectively solved how to capture the value of  the population, while directly rewarding the population for working together.

  2. RHINØ CØIN is not a security, as defined by the Securities act of 1933 nor the Securities & Exchange Act of 1934.

  3. RHINØ CØIN is a RhinoResearchLLC managed market until January 2023.

    1. Meaning, the value of RHINØ CØIN will be managed via the balance of buyers and sellers at prescheduled pricing, by RhinoResearchLLC.

    2. RhinoResearchLLC will separate 50% of monthly sales for RhinoResearchLLC treasury, and 50% of sales to meet individual redemption requests.

    3. RhinoResearchLLC will only offer an increase in RHINØ CØIN equal to 50% of the increase in Rhino monthly membership growth rate. The purpose being to support the value of RHINØ CØIN by preventing over supply vs demand.

  4. RHINØ CØIN will first be deliverable January 2023

    1. All RHINØ CØIN ownership will be recorded on RhinoResearchLLC public ledger.

    2. To prevent any type of security threat, RHINØ CØIN will first be deliverable in January 2023, via the free floating open market exchange RHINØ CØIN will have been registered on.

    3. The value of RHINØ CØIN from January 2023, will be solely dictated by free market forces, and no longer a function of RhinoResearchLLC managed market.

  5. All transactions on the Rhino Platform will be converted to RHINØ CØIN starting January 2023.

    1. This conversion will be facilitated by the businesses on our Rhino Platform.

    2. These businesses will agree to process all transactions via RHINØ CØIN Wallet.

    3. This wallet will convert all transactions to RHINØ CØIN.

    4. This conversion will materialize the demand which supports the RHINØ CØIN price.

    5. These businesses will then be allowed to redeem currency via open markets or redeem currency by requesting redemption via RhinoResearchLLC who stands ready to guarantee support of the 7day simple moving average RHINØ CØIN price.

  6. The value of RHINØ CØIN between today, and January 2023 is managed and listed.

    1. January 2022 = $0.02.

    2. The price will increase by $0.01 per month until January 2023.

  7. The value of RHINØ CØIN from January 2023, and beyond, can be only projected.

    1. Projections are valuable if sound and updated.

    2. When calculations are sound, you can project forward.

    3. When data is updated in real time, you can project forward.

    4. RHINØ CØIN offers both, sound calculations and 112 weeks of forward projections.

    5. These projections update as new data is inputted.

    6. This results in the Rhino Platform being the World’s most transparent.

    7. This results in the RHINØ CØIN, being the World’s most supported.