Sunlight is always natures best disinfectant. RHINØ CØIN aims to set a new standard of transparency. We're giving you, The World, complete access to the RHINØ CØIN balance sheet, and 112 weeks of forward looking projections based on disclosed calculations. Our goal, that together, we can perfect our projections. That together, we can mobilize in unison, towards an agreed upon future goal, we can share and attain together. Never before has anyone ever structured a platform to capture the value of population. Bottomline, if we all move forward together, we will all be credited for rescuing our children's wealth from 1% of the population to a fair share amongst everyone. Everyone says they'd like to change the World. Right here, right now, you can. If you have the courage to do so.


View Rhino's public ledger to see the continuous growth of RHINØ CØIN! 


I don’t know much about this stuff. How is any coin even valued to begin with?

In its exchange rate. If I accept COIN from you, can I then exchange COIN with someone else for something else. If yes, then how much can I exchange COIN for. If no, then it has no value.

Then how is an exchange rate determined?

Adoption + Usage + Supply. How many other people have adopted this COIN for exchange + How many people use COIN for exchange + How much of this COIN exist to exchange.

What is Rhino's adoption?

Our entire platform is designed to fill the most regular wants of people in general. Health, wealth, dating, politics, business, entertainment, and community. We provide premium offerings in every one of those categories for free. As a result, our members are supremely pleased in adopting our platform.

What’s Rhino's usage?

Our members are introduced to one new approved Rhino partner per day. These are business owners who graduated from our very own community. They are celebrities amongst our community. As such, their offerings enjoy a built in natural demand. In January of 2023, all this usage will be transacted in RHINØ Coin.

What’s Rhino's supply?

Only one billion RHIN0 Coins are minted. This entire supply is within our company's treasury, Rhino Research LLC. In 2022, we will release a limited amount to those existing members of our Rhino platform only.

I’ve always heard Coins are a total gamble, but this actually sounds logical. Why is that?

Thanks for noticing. It’s the Rhino platform. You see, everyone is in such a race to release a whole bunch of nothing, with the only goal to pump it for immediate profit before it crashes. We think that’s disturbing, to say the least. This coin is our “next-step”, not our “first-step”, if that makes sense.

What makes the Rhino platform different?

Because we built this most incredible platform, we are able to report monthly usage statistics such as number of members, adoption rates, and transaction volumes. When you know all those metrics on a monthly basis, you can then calculate the value of the coin for yourself. When you see the growth in black and white, you can actually understand why the coin’s value is increasing.

But there still is a billion coins, couldn’t that just flood the market?

Theoretically, yes. However, we have safeguards to prevent that from ever happening. Our treasury’s supply is strictly managed. The formula is as follows; the treasury can release 50% of the growth rate. Meaning, if the membership grows 10%, the treasury is only allowed to release 5% additional coin.

Wait a second! So as long as the Rhino platform grows its free members, this coin will be managed to conservatively increase in value from month to month?


Can you show me on paper the price of this coin for the next year then?

Yes. Jan 2022 0.02 per Rhino Coin
Feb 0.03 per Rhino Coin
Mar 0.04 per Rhino Coin
Apr 0.05 per Rhino Coin
May 0.06 per Rhino Coin
Jun 0.07 per Rhino Coin
Jul 0.08 per Rhino Coin
Aug 0.09 per Rhino Coin
Sep 0.10 per Rhino Coin
Oct 0.11 per Rhino Coin
Nov 0.12 per Rhino Coin
Dec 0.13 per Rhino Coin
Jan 2023 Free-Floating MarketPlace Market Price

Ok, so that’s the prices I can buy it. Are those also the prices I can sell it?


It’s not a free floating marketplace until January 2023, how can I sell it until then?

In responsibly launching our coin into our existing ecosystem, we are slowly releasing a limited amount per month. The chart above is the pre-determined prices. Of the limited amount being released, only 50% comes from our treasury. The other 50% is by request of those who own our coin. In order to responsibly allow our marketplace to mature, we must protect all those who are our early adopters. Unlike other coins that simply leave you vulnerable to random raids, we will always protect our ecosystem. It’s very simple, you will always have the ability to submit a sale request. Those request will get filled on a first come, first served basis. If you have the foresight to see our vision, any coin acquired during these “early-days” will likely be a very memorable event in your life.

Ok, I am willing to dip my toe in. How do I buy a small amount?

You can’t just buy some. Because of Rhino Coin’s limited release, in an effort to protect everyone involved, CØIN can only be purchased during the webinar events which are hosted daily. I host a live webinar everyday, and can walk you through your next steps.




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