Sustainable Aquatic Food Exports

The purpose of the FEAST Farm system is to provide each region with clean water year-round, sustainable, high-volume organic fish, chicken, eggs, pork with consistent premium organic vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits, sustainable energy and bio-fuel production. Villages, towns and cities will benefit from the clean water and food production while training Christian churches, universities, high schools, educators and students on our many technologies such as photovoltaic, wind energy, electrical, aquaculture, aquaponics, agriculture, irrigation, plumbing, water filtration, bio-fuel, aquaculture, aquaponics and agricultural production. A FEAST Farm (Fish, Energy, Agriculture, Sustainability, Training) is a proprietary designed repurposed shipping container solution for remote regions where fresh food and clean water doesn’t exist. The farm consists of several shipping containers entirely powered by photovoltaic (PV), wind, biofuel generators, battery storage systems and algae generated biofuel (B-100 Bio Diesel.) The water is obtained through multiple sources. Drilled wells, when possible, rainwater harvesting and atmospheric water generators which extract humidity from the air and produces clean drinking water. This system can easily feed a small village to city and scalable to create a large commercial export operations in each location. Each FEAST Farm can produce 30,000-68,000 kg of fish per year and grow to 283,000 kg of fish per year, 50 million eggs, 30,000 chickens, 2,500 hogs and 80,000 plant plugs for transplanting into the fields scaling up to 870,000 plant plugs per month creating year-round sustainable cyclical food crop production. With plans for dedicated multi-plug production in full operation Q1 2020, capable of 5 million multiple crop plugs per month for year-round cyclical farming.